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EP-416B Dual Lifting Face Slimmer-Purple

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Delivery Method
Direct Delivery
Pick-up Service

Product Introduction:
After the age of 25, skin is sagging and loose due to gradual loss of collagen.
Wrinkles, especially, tear troughs, nasolabial folds and marionette lines appear? Difficult to hide wrinkles even with makeup?

Enhanced Emay Plus Dual Lifting Face Slimmer, combines physical science (Terahertz) with skin care, which tightens skin and penetrates deeper into skin layers to absorb skincare nutrients. Preserve youthful contour and reserve aging.

One machine can fulfil all your beauty, acupoints and body massage needs. Use 5 minutes daily, 1 Pull, 2 Push, 3 Press to cast a Terahertz wave firming spell. It plumps up your apple cheeks and reduces wrinkles. Lift and firm skin shape. Show off your bare face! Better than using filters!

Product Features:
Enhanced dual-sided design:
Use 5 Terahertz energy balls massage heads to release Terahertz waves that boost blood circulation, effectively absorb skincare nutrients, improves puffiness and dullness on face and neck. It can also tighten skin, reduce wrinkles and enhance facial contour, helping you achieve a rosy complexion naturally.
Large S wave-shaped massage plate + 50°three-dimensional hook: Fit the curves of face and body. With its dexterous design, it helps massage acupoints accurately, dredge meridians and lymph. It also helps improve eye puffiness and keep nose straight, so you will enjoy an exquisite face.

4 Working Modes, 3 Warm Modes, Ultimate At-Home Spa Experience:
1. Skin rejuvenation and firming: Vibration
2. Effective penetration (Blue LED Indicator light): 40 °C Low heating + Vibration
3. Lymphatic drainage (Green LED Indicator light): 45 ° C Middle heating + Vibration
4. Relieve stress (Red LED Indicator light): 48 °C High heating + Vibration

Up to 10,000 vibration per minute: Promotes the supply and flow of oxygen to skin, increase skin absorption.
Wireless, one-button design: USB charger, small and light, smooth curve, comfortable, easy to use and carry.

  • Power: 3W Max
  • Voltage: 3.7V
  • Charging time: about 90 minutes
  • Usage time: about 60 minutes
  • Automatic shutdown: 10 minutes
  • Product size: 101 (L) ×82 (W) ×20 (H) mm
  • Product weight: 80g
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