DOMEO is the flagship eCommerce platform of Power Connect, the rewards program of CLP Power Hong Kong Limited, to encourage its residential customers to save energy and practise low carbon lifestyle. CLP customers will be rewarded with DOMEO points to enjoy a seamless experience in DOMEO.

DOMEO sources diversified home products and services. With innovative ideas, DOMEO strives to better serve customers’ needs by delivering an excellent shopping experience and a net-zero carbon future for customers.

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Eco Rewards EcoPoints

Eco Rewards account is based on CLP electricity account.​

Domeo account is based on individual.

Your Eco Points will remain in your existing CLP online account​.​

This is our redemption flow: first pick your rewards, then login your CLP online account to convert Eco Point to Domeo point at checkout stage to complete the redemption. So don't worry when you see your Domeo point balance is "0".

You can continue to earn Eco Points via different energy saving activities, please find Eco Points Strategy here.

You can convert Eco points from different CLP account in each transaction, so you have more flexibility to manage different CLP account within one Domeo account!#

We will introduce more ways to earn Domeo points, please stay tuned.​​

#In each point conversion, to protect your/family's CLP account, you are required to log in to the account for further verification. To enjoy more seamless shopping experience, link your CLP account to Domeo now.