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Eco Rewards EcoPoints

Eco Rewards account is based on CLP electricity account.​

Domeo account is based on individual. 

Your Eco Points will remain in your existing CLP online account​.​

This is our redemption flow: first pick your rewards, then login your CLP online account to convert Eco Point to Domeo point at checkout stage to complete the redemption. So don't worry when you see your Domeo point balance is "0".

You can continue to earn Eco Points via different energy saving activities, please find Eco Points Strategy here.

You can convert Eco points from different CLP account in each transaction, so you have more flexibility to manage different CLP account within one Domeo account!#

We will introduce more ways to earn Domeo points, please stay tuned.​​

#In each point conversion, to protect your/family's CLP account, you are required to log in to the account for further verification.


1. How do I register / activate my Domeo membership?

Simple registration

Click here to fill in your personal information, then hit the ‘submit’ button


Check your email inbox for the confirmation email, and click the “Confirm your email” button to activate your account.

2.What should I do if I do not have an email address?

There are a lot of free email services like Google and Yahoo. You can apply one for free. You may also use your email provided by your internet service provider for registration.

3. Forgot password

Don’t worry. You can reset your password by going to the “Sign In” page and then click “Forgot Password”. The password must have at least 8 digits with a combination of numbers, letters and special characters, i.e. at least one number, one capital letter, one small letter, and one special character (e.g. !@#?).

4. Update Profile

Simply click on your profile name at the top right hand corner of the website, and you can update your personal information on the "My Account" page, click “Update” when you complete.

5. Can I login to Domeo through CLP Mobile App or CLP web service?

Yes. However, a Domeo account is required to link to your CLP account.

Please ensure your login information is being protected as you can access Domeo account directly from CLP’s logged account.

6. If I am not a CLP power supply customer, can I register a Domeo account?

Yes! A CLP account is not necessary for Domeo account registration. Anyone with a valid email can register as a Domeo member.

7. I’m about to move to Hong Kong Island, would it affect my Domeo account?

No. CLP account is not necessary for Domeo account registration. All you need is a valid email.

Order & Delivery

1. How can I change the delivery information for my existing order?

Yes, you can call our product sales hotline (Tel: 26782626) for any delivery information changes.

2. Any additional fee if I choose Domeo Direct Delivery?

  1. For a single order with a purchase value of ON and OVER $500 (not included in the purchase amount), you can enjoy Direct Delivery.
  2. For a single order with a purchase value LESS THAN $500, you should pay $100 (not include in the purchase amount and except Tung Chung, Ma Wan, Discovery and all outlying areas ) for shipping fee.

Calculated based on the final payment amount after deducting all discounts.

3. How to select Domeo Direct Delivery?  

Upon successfully to place the order, please select “Domeo Direct Delivery” in checkout page, then you can choose shipping date, time and address.

4. If there is typhoon no. 8 hoisted on shipping date, what is the delivery arrangement? 

If there is Typhoon no. 8 or Black Rainstorm is hoisted, the delivery will be postponed. For more details, please check with out latest arrangement.

5. I choose Self Pick-up, may I know any options? 

  1. Pick-up at 7-11
    For a single order with a purchase value of on and over $500, you can enjoy free delivery. Upon successfully to place the order, generally, orders will be delivered to the selected Pick-up point within 5-7 days working days (except outlying islands and some areas). You will receive the Pick-up notification SMS and please present this SMS with “Self Pick-up Code” to collect your product(s). Please check and confirm your order is correct before leaving.
  2. Pick-up at Kar Kar Redemption Center:
    The product page is marked with “Pick Up at Redemption Center”, which means that the item can be picked up at the designated redemption center without any shipping fee. You can select the branch during checkout and complete the transaction after the payment is successful. After the transaction is completed Domeo will send a confirmation email, and a pickup notification by SMS after minimal 14 working days. Please complete the redemption within 14 days after receiving the notification SMS, other than for certain promotional products whereby the collection deadline may vary.
  3. Pick-up at Smart Energy@MongKok
    You can pick up your products at Smart Energy@MongKok with FREE of charge. Upon order confirmation, generally, orders will be delivered within 10 working days. Please present pick-up notification SMS to collect the products.

*Warm Reminder: The pickup notification SMS will only be sent to the mobile number entered when the order was confirmed. Please do remember to enter correct mobile number when you checkout. There is no return and rebate after you collect your products. Kindly be reminded to bring your own bag if necessary. Redemption center will not provide shopping bags.

6. I chose Self Pick-up but fail to pick during the pick-up period, what can I do? 

It will be returned to the logistics company without prior notice if you do not pick up within pick-up period. Additional service charges involved and please contact us to re-arrange the shipping. As it will be rearranged, time will be longer to procced.

7. I chose Self Pick-up but fail to pick during the pick-up period, can I send representative to collect? 

Yes. You can authorize third party (except 7-11) to pick up the product(s). please click here for details.

8. I wanna change Domeo Direct Delivery order time, what can I do?

Doemo Direct Delivery service is is available from Monday to Saturday, 10:00 am to 9:00 pm. No specified delivery time selection available. Delivery service is not available on Sundays and public holidays. If the order or item status is marked as "Order Confirmed" or " Processing" , please contact our Customer Service Hotline at (852) 2678 2626 . If you need to change the order details under other status, CLPeC reserves the right to reschedule and delay the delivery time and charge the  handling fee each time.

9. If my building under compulsory test, will it be delivered on time?

  1. Buildings under compulsory tests: Orders for buildings cannot be delivered on the day of the compulsory tests. The deliveryman will contact the you to reschedule the delivery date of the affected order, which can be delivered as soon as two working days after the test is finished. Delivery service for other orders will return to normal the next day after unblocking.
  2. Buildings with confirmed cases: If the delivery address is in the list, the deliveryman will contact you and deliver the goods at the mutually agreed location (eg: building ground/management office)
  3. Confirmed cases in the estate: If there are no confirmed cases in the block where the delivery address is located, the delivery service will remain normal.

Warm Reminder: Many estates or building management offices prohibit deliverymen from going upstairs, so most orders need to be settled on the ground floor. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

10. If I have ordered 2 products and choose 1 to Speedy Delivery, what should I do?

In this case, you should separate the order into 2 and select “Speedy Delivery” of your selected order.

E.g 1: If product A in the shopping cart is marked with speedy delivery and product B does not, the order cannot enjoy the speedy delivery service. It is recommended to purchase products A and B in two separate orders. Only the order for product A can enjoy the speedy delivery service.

11. If I buy a product which is marked with “Speedy Delivery” but less than $500, will any additional shipping fee apply?

Yes.For a single order with a purchase value of on and over $500 (not included in the purchase amount), you can enjoy Direct Delivery.

For a single order with a purchase value of less than $500, you can select Self Pick-up (if any) or pay additional $100 shipping fee. (not include in the purchase amount and except Tung Chung, Ma Wan, Discovery and all outlying areas ). $100 Speedy Delivery shipping fee applies.

If you purchase a $399 product marked with speedy delivery and wishes to arrange speedy delivery, the customer will need to pay a total of $200 for shipping; that is, orders under $500 will be charged $100 shipping and $100 for speedy delivery, $200 in total.

12. There is product marked with “Pick-up at 7-11” but it cannot be found in checkout page, what’s the problem?

7-11 pickup service may not be available due to certain factors, such as product size, value and weight, please see checkout page for actual delivery options.

3. When will I receive the redeemed rewards?

  1. By Post - rewards will be mailed to your correspondence address within 15 working days after receiving your request to redeem; or
  2. Electronic coupons: e-coupons will be stored in your Domeo account immediately after a successful transaction. You can check it anytime in your E-coupon wallet by going to the “My Account” page.

14. What if my order (purchased products or rewards) has been cancelled or need to be refunded due to the product damaged?

Please go to the Contact Us page to contact our customer service if your order has been cancelled or need to be refunded.

Domeo Point 

1.  How to convert Eco Points to Domeo points?

You can place your favourite items in your shopping cart same as before. The system will ask you to login CLP account for points conversion during checkout process. Currently the conversion rate of Eco Points to Domeo points is one to one.

Eco Points will be deducted from your electricity account immediately after the conversion is successful, and it cannot be changed or cancelled. All Domeo Points will be expired at 23:59 on December 31, 2022. All points should be used before expiry date, any unused points will be expired and be forfeited. 

2. How to earn Domeo points?

Currently we offer points conversion from Eco Points to Domeo Points. You may refer to here for how to earn Eco Points by joining the CLP Eco Rewards.

Points can only be converted from one electricity account for each redemption. In case of violation, CLPeC reserves the right to cancel the relevant transaction without prior notice.

If you do not have enough points, please see the Earn Points Strategy.

3. Smart Shopping will shift over to Domeo, will it affect to my Eco Points?

Eco Points can still use in Domeo, while customer need to register as a Domeo memerbs, and convert the Eco Points to Domeo points during checkout process. We will provide more ways to earn Domeo points, please stay tuned.

5. What is the difference between Domeo points and Eco Points?

In Domeo platform, it is necessary to convert Eco points to Domeo points before redemption. Currently, the conversion rate between Eco Points and Domeo points is in ratio 1 to 1. We will provide more variety of Home products and Rewards, you will find more places to enjoy your privileges!

5. How to convert points and do redemption?

  1. Place your favourite items in shopping cart. Then click the shopping cart to checkout. Enter the delivery address and continue.
  2. Click the box “I understand that only member of CLP Power Connect community can enjoy the selected Eco-rewards offers. I agree to join CLP Power Connect Community (See Power Connect Terms and Conditions), then click “Convert Now’.
  3. Login to CLP account and perform the points conversion. For details, please see our Quick Start Guide.
  4. If you don’t have enough Eco Points, you can visit Power Connect web pages to get some tips from Earn Eco Points.

About Shopping and the New platform

1. If my order’s delivery date is scheduled after system upgrade, will there be any impact?

No. Once the orders confirmed, Smart Shopping will automatically sent the order to the distributor.

Distributor will arrange the delivery on their agreed schedule. Please keep the order number for your future tracking or enquiry.

2. Do I need to update bookmark of Smart Shopping website to Domeo website in my browser?

No. All URLs will be redirected to new website. However, we suggest you update the links to the new Domeo website for better user experience.

3. What is the difference between Smart Shopping and Domeo?

New platform Domeo will provide a brand new experience as well as new products, services and Rewards to our customer. In addition, we will provide more point earning option in the future so you can redeem rewards faster. Please stay tuned.

4. Does CLP operate Domeo?

CLPe Commerce, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CLP Holdings Limited, operates the Domeo eShop.

5. I am a CLP Customer, what should I do before shopping in Domeo?

If you are a CLP customer, we may need to connect your CLP account to Domeo account. Please prepare your CLP account login email, password and mobile number for the account connection. For any enquiry, please call our General hotline: 2280-4862 (Working hours: Mon - Sat, 9am to 6pm, closed on Sundays and Public Holidays)

6. How to become a partner of Domeo?

Please click “Contact us” and leave your contact information by filling up the e-form with subject “Promotion & Parentship”. We will reach out to you once we receive your enquiry.