Quick Start Guide

Guide to Link CLP Account

Now you can login to Domeo directly from CLP Web / Mobile app, and redeem our latest offer without dual login. Link CLP account NOW!

➊ Clck "Link CLP Account" in My Account page after login to Domeo.

➋ Login to you CLP online account

➌ Confirm

Remarks: If you had linked your CLP account before, you will directly enjoy the new function. For other connection enquires, please contact usor reconnect one more time.

Connect NOW!

Current CLP Customer

Simple 3 steps and you can enjoy seamless shopping experience. Register to Domeo NOW! If you already a Domeo member, click "Exisiting Domeo Member" tab on the top to connect CLP account to Domeo,

➊ Enter your personal email and password, then click "Register"

➋ Confirm your email

➌ Click "Link CLP Account" and login to CLP online account to Link CLP account to Domeo

Remarks: Click here if you do not have CLP online account.

Connect NOW!

Non-CLP Customer

Domeo is the flagship eCommerce platform of CLPe Commerce and a reward programme for Hong Kong citizens.

Domeo offers home products and services with excellent shopping experience. With innovative ideas, Domeo strives to better serve customers’ needs and contribute to their low-carbon lifestyle.

➊ Enter your personal email and password, then click "Register"

➋ Confirm your email

Payment and Points Conversion Guide

you can convert your Eco Points to Domeo points, details are as follow:

➊ Click "View and Edit Cart", and "Proceed to Checkout", then enter all delivery information, and click "Continue.

➋ Click "Convert Now" to complete the points Conversion, and "Place Order" to complete the order placement.

Domeo points: All Domeo Points converted in January and February 2023, will be expired at 23:59 on March 31, 2023. All points should be used before expiry date, any unused points will be expired and be forfeited.

After your CLP account is linked to your Domeo account, the Eco Points still remain in your CLP account. And you can convert your Eco Points to Domeo points during the checkout process. Click here if you want to check your Eco Points.。

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Eco Rewards EcoPoints

Eco Rewards account is based on CLP electricity account.​

Domeo account is based on individual. 

Your Eco Points will remain in your existing CLP online account​.​

This is our redemption flow: first pick your rewards, then login your CLP online account to convert Eco Point to Domeo point at checkout stage to complete the redemption. So don't worry when you see your Domeo point balance is "0".

You can continue to earn Eco Points via different energy saving activities, please find Eco Points Strategy here.

You can convert Eco points from different CLP account in each transaction, so you have more flexibility to manage different CLP account within one Domeo account!#

We will introduce more ways to earn Domeo points, please stay tuned.​​

#In each point conversion, to protect your/family's CLP account, you are required to log in to the account for further verification. To enjoy more seamless shopping experience, please link your CLP account to Domeo now.

Here Comes Domeo!

1. Go to Domeo platform and register as a member

2. Convert Eco Points to Domeo Points, so that you can purchase energy saving appliances and home services at discounted price or redeem various food and beverage offers!

Read before redemption:

  1. Each redemption must use ONE CLP account to convert Eco Points to Domeo points. If any violation, CLP eCommerce reserved the right of cancelling the order, and you will not receive any notification of the cancellation.
  2. Once confirmed the point conversion, Eco Points will be deducted in your CLP account, which cannot be change nor retrieve the process. 
  3. Customer is required to spend your points converted from Eco Points each day before 12:00pm. If any Domeo point left in your account by next day, it will credit back to your Eco-Rewards account within 3 working days.

3. Use CLP APP or CLP Web service to Login Domeo

How to Use Domeo E-Coupon

1. Go to "E-coupon Wallet"

2.1 View Physical Store E-coupon (QR Code)

2.2 View Physical Store E-coupon (Input Password)

2.3 View Online Store E-coupon