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Selecting an Air Conditioner Tips

Window air conditioner Split air conditioner Hybrid Dehumidifier
Window air conditioner It can be installed on a window frame or a dedicated stand, and comes with a cooling compressor and exhaust device. Therefore, the sound of the compressor can be heard when it is turned on. Before purchasing, make sure that the window size at home is compatible with the air conditioner.
Split air conditioner It consists of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit, with the compressor located in the outdoor unit and the air blowing part in the indoor unit. Because the compressor is installed outdoors, it operates more quietly.
Window split air conditioner Its indoor unit design is similar to the general split air conditioner, but the outdoor unit is smaller in size and can be installed in most window positions, making it more convenient to install than wall-mounted split air conditioners.

Choose the air conditioner type and horsepower according to the space area:

For the space is 50-70 square feet, you can choose a 3/4 horsepower air conditioner.
For 80-100 square feet, you will need 1 horsepower, and then you need to increase one level for every 40 square feet thereafter.
If the air conditioner needs to be installed in a difficult-to-reach position, it is recommended to increase one level, i.e. a 1.5 horsepower air conditioner is recommended for a 90 square feet sloping room.

Fixed-frequency air conditioners: often switch on and off or run at high speed for a long time, consuming more electricity.

50-10 3/4
80-100 1
110-150 1.5
160-200 2
210-250 2.5
Surface area
( cm2)
50-70 80-100 110-150 180-200 210-250
Horsepower 3/4 1 1.5 2 2.5

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Split type Air-Conditioner Cleaning Service

Procedures of Split Type Air Conditioner Cleansing Service
1.    Examine the condition of Air Conditioner to determine it is suitable for cleaning
2.    Turn off the power, and protect the environment with waterproof protection
3.    Apply the deep cleansing with air conditioner detergent and high-pressure washer
4.    Clean up and restore
5.    Turn on the power, and examine the condition of Air Conditioner. 
*Whole cleansing process takes around 45 mins, and subject to terms & condition.

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Split Type Air Conditioner

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